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Please read these terms and conditions in full before you proceed to place an order. By placing an order, it acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

1. Deposits

1.1 Orders are only considered confirmed and accepted after payments are made and received as well as acknowledged.

1.2 The minimum deposit amount is at least 50% of the total amount.

2. Postpone and Cancellations

2.1 You may postpone your orders to an earlier/later date, provided that we still have a slot available for the new date.

2.2 You can only postpone or cancel your orders if your original order date is at least 14 days away at the time you are applying to postpone or cancel.

2.3 No refunds will be given for order cancellations.

2.4 You may opt to keep the amount you paid for your order as credit with Wonders Bakery.

2.5 Credits can be used to place orders for the future.

2.6 Credits will be valid for 1 year.

3. Self-collections and Deliveries

3.1 Recipients are fully responsible for checking that the orders collected/delivered are in good condition and fully correct in terms of design, flavour etc. We will not be responsible for any damages and issue after the order has been collected/delivered. Please refer to our FAQ for handling and storage instructions.

3.2 Any subsequent complaints regarding the order will not be eligible for any refunds and will not be entertained.

4. Designs

4.1 Please note that the all our cakes may not turn out to be exactly the same as the photos you have sent for our reference as colours in photos may vary due to lighting and editing. Also, your cake might not turn out exactly the same because every baker has their own style. We might not even be able to re-create the exact same cake we have produced before as each and every one of your cakes are freshly hand-made individually, specially and uniquely for you. Nonetheless, we will still try our best to be as close and similar to what you have requested.

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