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  • How do I place an order/get a quick price quote?
    The fastest way is to WhatsApp us directly at +65 8808 6813. We usually reply WhatsApp within a few minutes to a few hours unless we are busy baking with our hands covered in flour, cream and butter! To get your quick, non-obligatory price quote, simply WhatApp us the following: 1. Date you require your cake 2. Photo of the cake design you'd like 3. Number of pax you intend to serve
  • I may be allergic to some ingredients used in your cake. May I request a special cake without these ingredients?
    Do let us know in advance and we will try our best to accommodate to your request!
  • How long can my cake last outside of the fridge?
    In an air-conditioned room, our cakes can last approximately 3-5 hours depending on the size of the room and the temperature that the air-con is set at. Without air-con or outdoors, our cakes can last approximately 1-2 hours. However, do avoid direct sunlight to ensure that the cake doesn't melt.
  • How do I store my cake?
    Store uncut cakes in the refrigerator whenever possible. Be sure to remove the cake from the fridge and leave it to thaw for about 30min to 1 hour before cutting it. Our cakes are best cut and consumed at room temperature. After the cake is cut and you wish to store the cake, keep it in an air-tight container and store it in the fridge to ensure freshness. Our cakes can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. If your cake has fondant decorations and you would like to store your cake in the fridge before your cake-cutting, do inform us so that we can keep the fondant seperate from the cake. It is not recommended to keep fondant in the fridge. Instead, it should be kept in an air-con room or an air-tight container. You will then need to assemble the fondant decorations yourself.
  • Will my cake turn out to look exactly like what I ordered?
    We cannot guarantee that your cake will look exactly like the photos you have sent for our reference as colours in photos may vary due to lighting and editing. Also, your cake might not turn out exactly the same because every baker has their own style. We might not even be able to re-create the exact same cake we have produced before as each and every one of your cakes are freshly hand-made individually, specially and uniquely for you. Nonetheless, we will still try our best to be as close and simillar to what you have requested.
  • How early in advance should I place my order?
    For Customised Cakes, kindly place your order latest 2 weeks in advance. For Standard Cakes, kindly place your order latest 1 week in advance. However, should you require a cake urgently, please WhatsApp us directly at +65 8808 6813. We might just be able to work things out!
  • Are your cakes Halal?
    We are 100% Muslim owned. All ingredients used are halal. All equipment used are also exclusive only for its purpose.
  • What is the difference between Customised Cakes and Standard Cakes?
    Customised Cakes are for orders which you can fully customise every aspect to your cake. The prices of the cake in this category vary depeding on the design as well as the size of the cake. Standard Cakes are regular cakes which are non-customisable. You may only choose the size and flavour of the cake you want. The cake design depends on the flavour chosen. Cakes in this category are the cheapest and are most budget friendly.
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